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Sport is emotion, competition, struggle and sacrifice, but there is an important element that can't be forgotten not only for sport: values and what they represent in society. Sportsmen have to be educated with these values in mind and it has to be done from a very early age. To do it, the Autonomous University of Madrid (UAM) takes part as an associate in the action "Erasmus+ Sport" in a project named "Save it ".

The main goal of this project is to promote the education in sport values to fight against intolerance. "Save it" counts at the moment with eight associates from various parts of Europe and different sport backgrounds: Cultural y Deportiva Leonesa (Spain, coordinator), football club; Autonomous University of Madrid (Spain); Altum Foundation (Spain); Fare Network (United Kingdom), KAS Eupen (Belgium) and others.

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In the Conde Luna Palace it has been presented "the most important project many of us are ever going to take part in.This is more important than a title, than a promotion; which are ephemeral. A project gestated by Pedro Velázquez of "Save the Dream". In this way Felipe Llamazares, General Director of the Cultural, presented the project "Save it: Saving the dream of grassroots sport based on values". To develop this very important project "we are going to establish new tools, procedures and systems to be able to teach values to young sportsmen and sportswomen. To be able to affect our youngsters' education is more important than a title. This, for the Cultural and the other 8 associations present here, is a great load, and we all should be very proud.

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The Cultural presents the project "Save it", in which there are many other contributors and is backed by the European Commission. With a budget of 500,000 euros, the project kicks off and will be developed for 2 years. A compilation of good practices in the promotion of values, a training course for coaches, or a serious videogame for the younger ones are some of the undertakings that will be carried out.

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