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Clube Deportivo Panther Force Gaia

Villanova de Gaia
Foundation date

The Panther Force was established in 2006, initially with the name of “Panterinhas de Gaia”, when the President of the Club was Mr. Jose Manuel Ferreira, being the first school with the representation of Boavista F.C. in V.N. Gaia, having at the moment 90 athletes. Since then our activities are centered in the City of V.N. Gaia. We are a School that essentially works in the training of children and adult athletes, providing a healthful growth at both psychological and physical level.

During these years we participated and organized national and international matches of great prestige in places such as Belgium, France, Spain or Italy. We make possible for our athletes different activities with the participation of parents and children, also under our organization. We work directly with the educative community and school sports promoting social values and social inclusion. For its functioning, the school works with one Coordinator, six trainers, four athletic Trainers and two Doctors.

Professionals participating in this project:

  • Mr. Jose Manuel Carvalho Ferreira has extensive experience and knowledge as the organization project coordinator and president. He has been a professional of soccer during 12 years, and has a deep knowledge of the practical side of sports. He has also sounded knowledge in the area of infantile psychology and the physical development of the children athletes. He has being working in developing this project for the last the ten years.
  • Mr. Pedro Henrique Cardoso Pinto Machado has over 16 years of professional experience. Regarding sports, he was working for a bootball club where he has coordinated and collaborated organizing and coordinating matches as well as groups of parents and teams. In the Panther Force, he is esponsible for the area of Marketing and director of the training teams